Contemporary Living Room

Contemporary living room designed by Tiffany Brooks Interiors

Tiffany Says…

What makes this room work is the calmness of the woods and metals vibing off of the geometric patterns. The inspiration behind this room was a living space that utilized calming colors, elegant pattern, and modern textures to create a relaxing living space.

I chose the Paige sofa to add elegance and height to the space.

I then mixed in the Arches rug underneath the Sutton coffee table to add a wood material to the edginess of the patterned in the rug. This room is for a person who likes to lounge in a calm environment that utilizes material and texture to create a relaxing space. I know you’d feel comfortable in this space.

Elevated Industrial Living Room

Industrial living room with stone walls and dark leather couch

Drew Says…

This design is all about blend. I love taking more modern pieces with clean lines and mixing in natural rustic elements like stone and wood. This is a more masculine look, but it works perfectly for anyone wanting a more elevated rustic design.

The copper interior paired with these beautiful light fixtures are a perfect way to draw the eye up. Incorporating soft cozy elements like this loveseat is the perfect balance to the hard surfaces and clean lines throughout. Texture and depth go a long way with adding interest to any space, like the herringbone detail in this credenza.

This design gives that sense of home. There’s a feeling of relaxation and calm that’ll overcome you.

This room is perfect for anyone who wants a little rustic flare in a beautiful modern space. A mix of materials, textures, and finishes can make your design pop.