• kitchen table designed by Marcy Mussari Interiors

    Furnish Your Home on a Budget for First Time Home Buyers

    Congratulations on purchasing your first home! Now it’s time to lay out more money on decorating… Fear not! Marcy Mussari Interiors is here to help with 9 tips for designing your new home.

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  • Design by Brian Patrick Flynn | Courtesy of FlynnsideOut Productions

    Design a Space with Staying Power

    Although Brian Patrick Flynn is known for taking risks and injecting lots of color into his spaces, it’s all done in a balanced, thought-out manner that ensures a room can evolve over time and that each piece can be used in a fresh manner throughout the years. He introduces color in low-commitment ways to add personality, yet keep a home friendly in the event of resale.

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  • Stage It Yourself

    Kortney Wilson is the queen of all things home, so who better to take advice from on selling yours? Check out Kortney’s top 5 tips for staging your home before putting it on the market.

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  • Rose Ott Design's living room and dining room biophilic design on the water

    Biophilic Design Made Easy

    To counter the negative price people are paying for technological overload, designers are turning to biophilic design in the home to create mindful spaces for their clients. Rose Ott educates us on how this is easily achievable in your space.

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  • Mixing Metals

    If you’ve ever been told mixing metals is out, we’ve got news: This is an easy way to make a room more interesting, and Deri Washington of Tranquil Designs is here to help.

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  • Choose Your Color Story

    Color is a huge part of how we experience life, so it’s important to plan your palette before updating any space. Marissa Nelums of Glasshouse Interior helps you choose a color story for your space.

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  • Design Your Home To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

    As we ring in the New Year with a slew of resolutions that may (or may not) be realistic, Sarah Macklem of The Yellow Cape Cod gives us a few design tips to help you stay on track with your goals.

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  • DIY for Coastal Living Done Right

    When designing your beach house, Christina Henck of Henck Design gives her three tips to reflect a seaside retreat without becoming cliché.

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  • Define Your Style

    You’ve heard of everything from mid-century modern to contemporary coastal to farmhouse to shabby chic, but what does it all mean and how do you define what your style is? Mackenzie Collier helps you navigate your taste to define your style when designing and decorating your home.

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