Looking for DIY and expert advice? Get your home design and renovation how-to questions answered, thanks to top professionals.

Dining room designed by Glasshouse Interior

Choose Your Color Story

Color is a huge part of how we experience life, so it’s important to plan your palette before updating any space. Marissa Nelums of Glasshouse Interior helps you choose a color story for your space.

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Game room designed by Mackenzie Collier Interiors

Define Your Style

You’ve heard of everything from mid-century modern to contemporary coastal to farmhouse to shabby chic, but what does it all mean and how do you define what your style is? Mackenzie Collier helps you navigate your taste to define your style when designing and decorating your home.

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Living room in small space designed by forbes + masters

Designing For Small Spaces

Creative solutions are key when designing small spaces. Forbes + Masters gave us insight into their project converting a raw basement into an Airbnb with tips on how you can design for small living spaces.

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Converted bus by Kiyonda Powell Design Studio

Upcycling and Repurposing 101

Kiyonda Powell recently converted a school bus to create the most awesome community-focused mobile classroom ever. As our resident upcycle queen, it’s only right that we asked her for tips on upcycling and repurposing for those interested in getting their DIY on.

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