To Be A Kid Again Entryway

Curated by Casaza Design Team

Casaza Design Teams curates To Be A Kid Again Entryway, synthesizing color, light, texture and form into a classic, comfortable home that celebrates your inner child.

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Casaza Design Team Says…

A common factor for everyone, holding on to youth is needed to navigate in this world. This room is about embracing your youth and not taking yourself too seriously.

Our inspiration comes from the painting, a dog dressed in human clothes. It brings a sense of childish, light-hearted memories to an otherwise elevated space. This piece of art encompasses a young-at-heart mind and sophistication, along with the aquamarine playful chairs. The simple circular pendants give just enough light to float over the similarly patterned credenza, which is the perfect place to display photos or vases and hide clutter using the adjustable shelving inside.

Between the two chairs, a round table serves to stack books in a creative way, display some fresh flowers, or enjoy a good meal. Lastly, the geometric patterned electric rug can tie it all together in a visually-stimulating way.

This setting is great for a sizable foyer or small den — somewhere you can rest while waiting on a lingering spouse to depart or kicking back to take in a good book.

You’re able to create intentional spaces by putting together small vignettes in your home and enjoy your inner kid again.

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