Classic, Luxurious Bedroom

Curated by Jean Stoffer

There's just something about a clean white bedroom that makes you want to settle in and snuggle up. Jean Stoffer presents Classic, Luxurious Bedroom to evoke that sense of high-end comfort.

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Jean Says…

Inspired by a Parisian apartment, this room works because of its restrained elegance. We love the mixture of products in this room. The modern leather chair provides structure. The end-of-bed bench provides the comfort and function needed with the soft curve of the tufted upholstery while keeping the minimal lines that keep the space clean.

It embraces the classic architecture while providing modern luxury.

The dresser brings warmth and texture with its wood grain and is the perfect scale to anchor the room. The rug gives that modern flair that makes a vintage room read “today.” This room is perfect for a guest to get away to in comfort and luxury and feel comfortable, at peace, and pampered.

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