Fun and Funky Bedroom

Curated by Raquel Montolio

This Fun & Funky Bedroom is the perfect mix of slate gray, greenery, and dark wood. Get glam and find harmony in this natural room.

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Raquel Says…

The color green was my inspiration from this bedroom. This color symbolizes tranquility and nature, which adds a relaxing tone to the space.

The color palette I choose for this fun and funky room is what sets the atmosphere. I combined tints and tones of the color green and red, which are complementary colors that add harmony and balance in an interior.

I choose the Freja 3 Piece Queen Faux Leather Bedroom Set to add a stable element with the use of the wood frame. Nadir Arm Chair Pink Velvet was needed to add a pop of color and adds some contrast to the space. Hayton adds task lighting to the space when needed and aesthetically looks amazing.

This room hones into a luxurious style. This room is perfect for anyone who wants to try something new. I want you to feel elevated in this glamorous bedroom.

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