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Curated by Daneyka Lazier

See Daneyka's Reveal! Based in Toronto, Daneyka Lazier is the principal of DL Arch + Design and regularly works across the U.S. and Canada. She’s drawn to clean, modern lines and focuses on designing spaces for her clients that fit seamlessly into their everyday lives.

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Design by Daneyka

Lazier’s first order of business? Adding some structure to the undefined space. “The climbing-plant wall creates a sense of privacy and adds much needed texture and color,” she says. Next, she added a living set with crisp white cushions to make the space look brighter and larger.

To bring in personality, Lazier had fun with accessories: “The pillows are an unexpected punch of color, and the chevron rug keeps the space from feeling serious.” A table tucked against a wall can be pulled out when you’re entertaining without taking up too much real estate when you aren’t.

“Outdoor living is the new indoor living,” says Lazier. “We want comfort and style without compromising functionality.”

This fun Modway Pillow ($29) is a statement accessory and plays nicely off the solid colored pillows on the sofa. One Repose Corner Seat ($282) makes a great side chair, but push two together and you’ve got a cozy love seat to cuddle up on! Keep a set of these Tropical Trays ($283) on hand for serving drinks or as a punchy accent for your table.

Written by Hannah Baker | Renderings by Michael Panov

This 1 Room, 3 Looks design originally appeared in the Spring 2020 issue of Reveal Magazine. Subscribe now for design inspiration delivered straight to your mailbox.

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