Cozy Hour Lounge Living

Curated by Raquel Montolio

Take off your shoes, put on your sweats, and grab a throw in Raquel Montolio's Cozy Hour Lounge Living.

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Raquel Says…

This living room is perfect for people who want to unwind from a hectic day. Also, this room is perfect for small gathering with family and friends. Not to mention, the stain-resistant material used throughout the space. So don’t worry about food and drink spills.

The textures in this space creates a cozy feeling. The velvet armchair in navy adds a rich and smooth element to the room. In addition, the warm neutral color palette with blue accents complements the architectural details in the living space. The built-ins inspired me to continue the trend of classy style and rich wood tones in the space.

The peruse upholstered fabric velvet armchair- navy (accent chair) adds an ornate look to the space. The velvet chair stands out with lavish tufted buttons, which ties the whole space together. I chose this piece because of the color of the material and stain resistant quality.

Hudson coffee table adds a wood element to the space. The table is needed to connect the built-ins with the living space. The Sparta with gold leaf finish placed over the fireplace creates a warm space through the use of detailed metal work. This mirror is the focal point in the space, and it helps lead your eyes through the living room.

The rooms atmosphere is warm and inviting. Tranquility is achieved by the use of cozy materials and finishes. Just imagine yourself sitting on the sofa with a book, relaxing and re-energizing for the next day.

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