Contemporary Classic Living Room

Curated by Deri Washington

Deri Washington of Tranquil Designs curates Contemporary Classic Living Room. Warning: This room might make your guests green with envy.

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Deri Says…

This room was designed for someone with a busy lifestyle. With the simplicity of the contemporary look, less is more.

This space has a mixture of different elements. The Jay Abstract Painting has various colors but is not bold, and it sets the tone for the room. I brought some color in the room with the Delve Velvet Sofa. It is made with a soft emerald green stain resistant velvet polyester fabric. The luxurious tufted buttons on the seat and the back of the sofa give the room a timeless look.

I chose the white leather Boomerang Chairs with its sleek lines, gently sloping arms, and a soft V-shaped back. These accent chairs complement this sofa very well. I love the contrast of the velvet sofa and the leather chairs. I wanted to complete the look with a crystal chandelier so I chose the Elsa chandelier. It has a beautiful frozen look with a touch of antique brass that just shines.

The mix of textures, fabrics, and metals make this room work. I wanted a contemporary living space with some eclectic pieces. I love how the tufting on the sofa complements the sleek lines of the leather accent chairs, while the chandelier just defines the style and makes a statement in the room.

I want this client to feel like this room was designed with them in mind — that I took into consideration not only their design style but their everyday lifestyle.

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