• Nadia Casanova

    Nadia Casanova runs the design YouTube channel, Styled by Casanova. Nadia is a mom of two, design student working as an interior designer.

  • Ashley Gilbreath

    Ashley is a southern-based interior designer who studied at Auburn University and the New York School of Interior Design.

  • Amy Kang

    Ocean Blu’s principal designer Amy Kang works with clients building and designing luxury modern coastal homes and investment properties.

  • Brenda Danso

    Brenda Danso is the Principal Designer at BD Interior Design. Her educational background in mental health coupled with Interior Design has enabled her to curate spaces that are functional and heartening. She believes that design is therapy and the feel of your space has a great impact on your wellbeing.

  • Albie Knows

    Alberthe, known to many as Albie, has a passion for decoding and transforming spaces that is the culmination of nearly a decade of retail visual merchandising and freelance marketing.

  • Kristen McGowan

    Kristen McGowan is a Canadian designer gaining traction on YouTube as a lifestyle/home decor stylist. Her channel has quickly become a hub to learn & get inspired about all things home. She thrives at the opportunity to demonstrate how we can all achieve the look for less.

  • Bailey Li

    Bailey—founder of Bailey Li Interiors is a self-taught interior designer and decorative artist specializing in commercial and residential design. She is a curator of artfully inspired, stylish spaces and is a creative visionary who has the ability to transform spaces into stunning environments through her discerning eye.

  • Rachel Moriarty

    Rachel Moriarty Interiors is an award-winning designer whose work over the last 14 years has delivered her own sense of bold + playful patterns and brilliant + bright strokes of color throughout San Diego County. Described as a leading interior design influencer, Rachel, was recently named one of the Most Influential People in Real Estate Staging.

  • Designer Nicole White smiling

    Nicole White

    Nicole White is the CEO and Principal Designer of Nicole White Designs Interiors, a full- service boutique interior design firm based in Sunrise, Florida.