• Galey Alix

    Galey Alix is a woman who wears many hats. She runs a finance business for a prominent Wall Street firm during the week and is the Founder & CEO of a DIY Design business on the weekends. A self-taught videographer, she also produces videos of her weekend design renovations for her social media which has made her a global do-it-yourself design sensation.

  • Daneyka Lazier

    Toronto-based designer Daneyka Lazier is the Principal of DL Arch + Design. Her firm is known for creating unique spaces that capture you and your lifestyle and specializes in improving the functionality of all spaces.

  • Ellen Godfrey

    Ellen Godfrey specializes in both residential and commercial design. Although she currently resides in the Deep South, she’s been influenced by the years spent living on the West Coast and her love for the English countryside.

  • Louis Duncan-He

    Reflecting an effortless west coast perspective, Louis is a lifestyle designer of residential interiors, style & art. His belief is that style can change lives, and his mission is to empower people to #livebeautifully every day.

  • Zack Giffin

    Zack Giffin is a designer, TV host, athlete, and long time advocate for the tiny house movement. Zack is one of the most recognized tiny home builders in the world and has designed and built hundreds of unique small homes and custom projects over the years.

  • Designer Nile Johnson sitting in a chair and patterned blazer

    Nile Johnson

    Nile Johnson is the multi-award winning Design Principal of Nile Johnson Interior Design. His work has been featured on HGTV and in national publications. He is an African American Top 20 Designer, a member the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), and the Black Artists + Designers Guild (BADG).

  • Nadia Casanova

    Nadia Casanova runs the design YouTube channel, Styled by Casanova. Nadia is a mom of two, design student working as an interior designer.

  • Ashley Gilbreath

    Ashley is a southern-based interior designer who studied at Auburn University and the New York School of Interior Design.

  • Amy Kang

    Ocean Blu’s principal designer Amy Kang works with clients building and designing luxury modern coastal homes and investment properties.